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Best Image Quality Settings in Nikon 18-55 Lens

Best Image Quality  Settings

This should be the first piece of advice I should have given you... but late is better then never to get the best image quality out of your camera please check & verify the following settings we'll go to camera menu, 1st catagory, 1st page & click on the 1st option, which is "image Size" & make sure you select first option which is L:24M if you want the highest resolution photo avoid using 6megapixle or 12 megapixel options then on the same page, go to the 3rd option that is quality if you want to shoot hight quality JPEG then select the option 3rd option "Fine" if you perfer to shoot RAW, then you can pick any of the above, since RAW is the best quality one more thing guys, complaint about getting low quality compress photos images which are not even 1MB in size although they have selected the 24MPX option in all these cases I have noticed that people are using mobile app to transfer the photo by default mobile app transfer 2MPX photo which is offcourse a low res, low quality image to achive the faster data transfer rate thorugh NFC or WiFi however you can change this by going in the app settings, & change the photo resolution to original or you can transfer your photos using SD card.

Battery Saving Tips

As we all know that sony a6000 doesn't do good in battery department so here i would like to give you a tip which might help you in preserving some some battery power if we go in menu, go under 3rd catagory which represents by a WiFi type icon if you go on the 1st page, there you will see the 2nd last option "Airplane Mode" mostly you will find this turned off what this does is, it kept your NFC & WiFi band open thus keep consuming your camera battery so we will switch it ON so that it shuts down the WiFi & NFC band which helps in preserving more battery sony keep pushing the new firmware update to add some new features & kill some bugs.
Best Image Quality Settings in Nikon 18-55 Lens Best Image Quality  Settings in Nikon 18-55 Lens Reviewed by Kamal Shah on May 22, 2019 Rating: 5

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