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How to Add Download Button in Blogger Website

In these articles, I am going to tell you the method of website Post Me Download Button jodne.

So friends Agar you are starting or do not know how to put download button in your website

, This article will definitely help you add that button to your website.

So read these articles very carefully and do not leave any step so that you face any problem later.

You have a movie website or any downloading website

Or if you want to keep Download Button in your website, then read it.

First of all you need to upload a file or app in Google Drive, whatever you

You want to provide them for download and then copy the URL of the file you give them

Download Button to Download Photo?
The next step is to download the download button image from Google or you can download your own image

Can create. Then you have to insert that image into your website and put it in the center then the image

Select and click the link option from the editor and place the dive link that you copied it. so

Now you have understood how to insert the download button in the website.
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