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How to Add Multiple Authors in Blogger | Tips For Beginners

How to Advertise: Hello friends today I'm going to show  that how can you add many authors in
2019. If there are many authors to add to this

Articles will be helpful. Many bloggers know how to add Multiple Author to Blogger

Please read this article carefully and do not miss any step.

Benefits of Blogger Me
When you add more than one author to Blogger, AAP gives others access to your site

Please read these articles carefully. The site can be maintained by several authors. Multiple in Blogger

 There are so many advantages. This is something we can do to the Perfect Author in Jodne

Discussion on important benefits

Content Authors: When articles are not written and that in a person's site
Write a post so you can add them as an author because your AAP security blog is your original blog email

And do not need to share the password with them.

Website customization: When Aap does not know how to customize your site, then Aap
There are many who can force Liye more than one author in Blogger if

 Do not share the original access to your site due to security So many author us

Keep them safe and then give them basic access.

Check it How to add multiple blogger in 2019

Multiple Author Jodne's Liye Step by Step Process in Blogger
If you want to add more than one author to the website safely, then carefully follow all the steps and do not leave any steps.
First log in to your Blogger account and select your site in which Aap is to add an Authors.
Now click on the options option then click on the basic setting and there will be an option to show the Aapors clutch on it.
Now type the email of the person who is to be added as an Authors and click Submit.
Emails have been sent to new authors, now they have to accept the invitation.

This is that a new authors have successfully added to your site
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