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How to Create Android Application By Using Android Studio

So, think of it this way, Android Studio is gonna take care of managing all your code, and we're gonna take care of the rest. So, let's go over some of the features of it. We're gonna start it up. And the first thing that I love about Android Studio is the start up experience. Normally, you have to write a bunch of things in the very beginning when you start a project. But here, we can go through a wizard that's gonna help us set up the very basics for many different types of projects. Remember that android is not just for phones. It's also for wearables or even Google TV.

Learn Programming Language:

I'm gonna go ahead and create just a phone project to start up. And you can see that we have all these great templates, so rather than having to do a bunch of boilerplate stuff in the beginning, it starts us off with a really good starting point for many of the different types of applications we'd wanna create. Don't worry about me kind of running through this very quickly. I'm just trying to show off the ID. So, one of the things that's also really great is, an ID usually gives you a lot of feedback about what's going on in the background as it's doing stuff for you. This allows to concentrate more on what you wanna build and what you wanna code. But at the same time, it's gonna give you little hints throughout the application especially along the sides. You can see down here it's updating some indices. You can see that there's some processes running.

Skills are Very Important:

So, it's always doing stuff for you. And you can often get that feedback without it overwhelming you right in the front. Now, if we're going to be creating code to so many different types of devices, what we really need to be able to do is see what it's gonna look like depending on the form factor and device. And Android Studio has this great integrated editor into it, which allows us to look at the same view and instantly change what the actual object is that it would be running on. Not only for tablets and phones, but also for wearables and even Google TV. Now, there's a lot of other features that I'm not gonna go over and show you directly cuz it's not really important, but there's all this other cool stuff. In Android Studio, you also have a international string editor, so it makes it really easy if you wanna have multiple languages for your project. It also integrates with Google's back-end services. So, that even if you're not a server engineer, you can actually get part of your application to integrate with Google that way. And it's all just built in a really nice package. For me, there's really one main reason why I love Android Studio, and that's that it's fast. When you're creating code in Java, usually what ends up happening is you start trying to type some code, and you can't keep all of that stuff in your head.

Install Android Studio:

So, what Android Studio does is it actually has one of the fastest code completion algorithm sets that I've ever seen. Which allows you to really quickly start to see options for your code. It auto-completes things for you. And it just makes it much easier as you're looking at particular pieces of your code to get help as you're coding. Clips also does this, it's another IDE. But IntelliJ, which is what Android Studio is based on, is so much faster and so much better. On top of that, sometimes, you'll have a particular change that you want to do throughout your entire project. Well, in Eclipse, granted it does it very well. But it just does it so much faster in Android Studio.
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