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How to Create Website SiteMap in New Version Webmaster Tool

Friends In this article you will know that you are Webmaster Tool or. If you are a blogger then your site is required to be linked to Webmaster Tools. Adsense approval will not be available without submitting your site in Webmaster Tools and you do not rank the site. Read this article to find out what Webmaster Tools is and how to add Blogger to the Webmaster tool or sitemap tool.

The Webmaster tool is a free service offered by Google to those who have a web site. Webmaster

Through the tool you can check the visibility of your web site indexing and web site in Google, its

Introducing a Sitemap in Webmaster Tools for indexing your web site to Google

 And you are also the traffic that comes from Google.

Webmaster Tool
 To add Webmaster Tools to Blogger, you must first go to the Webmaster tool Site.

And there you will need to log in with your email and then there will be an option to add property there.

You will need to enter your site url and click Submit, then for that selected Html tag

It needs to be validated and the html code will be found and the place is replaced by that HTML code

You must keep it in the Blogger theme.

Then come back to the webmaster tool Site and click on verify and you have verified the site.

And you will successfully submit the site to the webmaster tool. Now there you have your own Google

Site indexing and clicking check are Sakte. Webmaster tool to index your site

Must have to submit a Sitemap in

To add a Sitemap, click on the Site option in Webmaster Tools and click on there

 Click on the Sitemap and after the Site link you need to type the Sitemap and submit it

You have to click. The site has been successfully submitted to Google for indexing. Google

Something about indexing Aapki site at

We hope you have gone to how to add Blogger to Webmaster Tools and get your
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