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How to Enable Auto Focus Mode in Nikon Camera

First of All Enable Eye Auto  Focus

If you ask any portrait photographer how would he/she evaluate if the focus is good or not they'll tell you that if subject's eyes are in focus they'll consider it as a good focus to tackle this, sony invented "Eye-Autofocus" feature this helps in finding the subject's eyes by just push of a button & camera automatically find & focuses.. on subject's eye to enable this feature is a bit tricky because its not available in the main manu lets go and see how to enable eyeautofocus function first we'll go to camera menu then we'll go under 2nd catagory, 6th page there you'll see the 2nd option called.. "custome key settings" we will click on it this feature require to mapped through custome key i am choosing custome button 2 (C2) once you click on the custome button, you'll get a list choose the Eye AF option from the list & click ok & now you can use eye AF by pressing the assign custome key.

Creative Styles - Picture profile

Almost every camera manufacturer put some kind of picture profile in their camera's sony is not different & they called them creative styles how are not aware of these creative styles they keep shooting their stuff using the default style which is not suitable for all the different senerios there are numerous different styles available which might be more suitable then using a default profile to access these creative styles, go to menu under first catagory, first page, 5th option which says "Creative Style" once you click on it you'll see different types of creative styles like.. vivid, nutural, standard, black&white; etc you can also tweak the individual parameters of each style, by pushing scroll wheel to the right then you can adjust the parameters like contrast, saturation, per your taste I would recommend you to experiment with different styles & create unique results.

So its highly recommended to keep your camera firmware upto date you can check your current camera firmware version go to menu & under the last catagory.. which represents by a suitcase icon under it you go to 6th page & click on the 2nd option which says "verison" & it'll show you the current camera firmware version next you go to sony alpha site, find your model & see whats the lastest version they are supporting if you find any update there just download & install it i have mentioned step by step process of camera firmware upgrade for sony as well as cannon so guys thats it for today's article I hope you learnt something new today I also hope you like it if you have any question or doubt please comment below & i will reply as soon as i can.
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