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How to Set Brighten Shadows in Canon Camera

Brighten Shadows - Dro

How many of you like google pixel's camera ? how many of you like enhance HDR or HDR+ feature.. of google pixel camera ? in sony A6000 there is a feature which gives us a similar sort of look that is called DRO or Dynamic Range Optimizer this feature brighten up the shadows which makes our photos more bright & vibrant to enable this feature, we will go to menu then go to first catagory & 4th page here you will see the 4th option which says DRO/Auto HDR we will click on it & enable it here you will go to AUTO DRO option & set the desired intensity using scroll wheel there are multiple levels greater the number stronger would be the effect.

Auto Exposure - Auto ISO

So how many times you have faced this situation that you're shooting in an indoor location & your camera settings are set accordingly & suddenly you have to move out to take a shot You click the picture without changing your settings & you get extreme over exposed photo & you miss that moment because of camer settings to tackle this, there is a feature in our camera which can helps us in avoiding such misses by automatically adjust the exposure as per the available light in the environment which means if we are shooting in dark camera will componset by pumping up the exposure & if we move to a brightly lit area it'll automatically bring down the exposure for you.

So you can just focus on photo taking & all these exposure changes, would happen smoothly & cinematically this feature called Auto ISO to access auto-iso, we will go to camera menu we will go under first catagory (camera icon) & then we will move to 4th page on the 4th page, the first option is ISO click on it & choose AUTO option you can access the same settings through a shortcut if you push the scroll wheel towards the right, where ISO is written this is your shortcut to access ISO settings once you're inside the ISO menu go to the auto option & then click the scroll wheel towards the right now here you will define the minimum & maximum ISO value as per your need in this case i am using minimum ISO100 & maximum ISO3200 & then click on ok...and now you are all set now your camera will make automatic exposure adjustment using the ISO values define by you.

Increase Lens Range - Clear Image Zoom

What if I tell you that you can double the focal length of any lens with sony alpha camera that too without any quality degradation just imagin, our kit lens, which is 16-50mm would become a 16-100mm incase you own a 55-210mm lens imagin that'll become 55-420mm !! perfect for wildlife photography this feature is known as clearimage zoom its a kind of digital zoom which provides better result as compare to conventional digital zooms befor you rush on it, let me clear one thing it will only work for JPEG images & not with RAW if you are shooting in RAW you wont be able to use this feature to enable clearImage zoom we'll go to camera menue & its 2nd catagory which represents by a gear icon then we'll go to page 3 where you'll see 2nd option is Zoom Setting click on it & select the ClearImage Zoom and you are done, when you'll zoom your lens first it will use optical zoom & onec the optical zoom is finished, clearimage zoom will kick in which is another 2 X zoom.
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