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How to Set Pictures Effects and Face Registration in Camera

Hello guys today's topic is best camea settings for Sony A6000 today we'll talk about the best settings of this camera with the help of today's you'll be able to achive better results with your alpha 6000 apart from that i'll also tell you secrete tricks which are not common & will further improve your results.

One more thing incase you own a later models e.g. A6300, A6500 etc these tricks/settings will work on all these models too it is possible that you might find it in different page since newer models have diffrent menu system but if you look carefully, you will find all these settings.

Picture Effects

People love filters for example..miniature effect or high contrast black white look or paint effect or selective coloring effect you will get all these filters in-built in your A6000 & some of them can be used with as well so lets see where we can find these filters these filters are known as "picture effect" to access them, we'll go to camera menu then we'll go to 4th page & click on the last option once you are inn, you will find lot of filters e.g. minieature effect, soft light, high key etc you can experiment with them & create a unique result isn't it great :)

Face Registration 

How many of you know that a sony alpha camera.. can literally memorize your face ! how does it helps ? well once you register your face with it your camera will be able to track your face even if you move across the frame if you are in a group, it will find you & focus on your face ignoring everyone else its a magic guys :) to enable this feature first we'll go to camera menu & go to 2nd catagory which represents by a gear icon we will click on it & then we will go to 5th page there you'll see the first option "face registration" we'll click on it & click on New Registration a square box will appear on the screen you frame your or your subject face insdie the box and take a photo... camera will ask for comfirmation... here you will click on "enter" & you are done congratulations your face has been register now you camera will detect & track your face easily.

Flash Trick

Next trick is my personal favrouit becasue its related to camera flash no matter how hard we try to avoid it but we get into a situation where we are forced to use camera's built-in flash because of bad lighting & an on camera flash always made us look bad it makes everything white & bright however sony A6000 has a little trick which can save us flash head of this camera is design in such a way that we can easily tilt it with just one finger & now you can bounce the flash from any surface as here you can see, i am using a straight flash you can see how bad is the result now without making any change in the camera setting, I'll take another photo but this time I'll tilt the flash head and bounce off the ceilling & you can see the difference in the photo.
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